This is 1 in 60:  Your Weekly Holistic Health Strategy in 60 seconds or less.

This week’s strategy is about something I’ve been reminded to do from more than one person lately so I think I really needed to hear this.  This single strategy will change everything if you choose to practice this on a daily basis, I’m talking about : “Meditation”

Science is backing up this practice and its many health benefits like helping you manage your stress, having an overall positive effect on improving anxiety and  many, many more.

It’s free, it doesn’t have to take much time, requires no equipment, you can do it from anywhere, it’s gender & age neutral, has no contraindication and it transforms not only your health but your life.

So if you’re actually watching this, it’s no accident and I challenge you to actually take a few minutes each day, for 7 days to sit still, breathe & quiet your mind.

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Meditating from somewhere in Vancouver,  BC, Canada

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