This is 1 in 60:  Your Weekly Holistic Health Strategy in 60 seconds or less.

The week’s strategy is how to make the easiest kale chips … ever!

This is a nutrient packed snack.

It takes about 10 minutes to prep.

-Wash kale
-Pat dry Kale
-Put oven on lowest heat possible – mine is around 200
-Put parchment paper on cookie sheet
-Add a little bit of olive oil
-Massage oil on every part of kale
-Break into bite size
-Make sure you leave space in between pieces
-Sprinkle sea salt
-I add turmeric, you don’t have to – but it’s delicious

Go ahead and your favorites -cayenne pepper maybe?

Put in the oven and put timer for 15 min – check and make sure they’re not burning.

Leave another 15-20 min and usually they’re ready – check for crispiness!

Voilà! Crunchy, salty, delicious snack full of antioxidants & vitamins!

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