This is 1 in 60:  Your Weekly Holistic Health Strategy in 60 seconds or less.

This week’s strategy is about what I keep in My Pantry to stay healthy?

I wanted to show you a few healthy combinations for when you don’t have a chance to grocery shop or come back late from work and realize you have nothing in your fridge, with a few items you’ll save yourself from ordering in some less than optimal choice …

I try to always keep:

  • a few spices because the enhance the flavours of the food like cumin, turmeric and of course sea salt;
  • some oils like some organic extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil & proteins like powders, quinoa, sprouted lentils to keep you fuller longer and to stabilize your blood sugars;
  • some liquids coconut water and coconut milk because I can add them to a variety of other items or simply mix with some protein powder if I really don’t feel like cooking and I’ve got a satisfying meal quickly!

And there’s always space for organic, fair trade, dark over 70% chocolate.

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