This is 1 in 60:  Your Weekly Holistic Health Strategy in 60 seconds or less.

Since March is Nutrition Month, we’ll focus on Food for the next few sessions but this week’s strategy is my Favorite Daily Morning Routine to get your day going with a pep in your step.

Every single morning, I drink water. Why? Because, you see, when you sleep, your body’s “night shift” goes to work:
– it balances your hormones
– it repairs itself
– it replenishes your energy

All that work creates toxins. The way to get rid of it is to flush it out by rehydrating.

So whether I drink 8 ounces or 16, or somewhere in between, it’s always the first thing I drink in the morning.

Most of the time I add:
-lemon juice, from a real lemon,
– I may add a bit of cayenne pepper
– or a splash of raw unpasteurized organic apple cider vinegar but I KNOW that adding this strategy to your morning routine will change your day!

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